The Hunt Begins (2nd Edition)

  • The Hunt Begins (2nd Edition)

Black and white medieval fantasy printed on with digitized woodcut on the back. From the unique universe of Monster Plague, an ongoing story about a kingdom facing a mysterious disease and the ex priest/knight duo learning the secrets behind it.

2nd Edition! **This edition features 7 pages of additional content including part of Chapter 1 of Monster Plague.**


Genre: Fantasy
Size: 8.50" X 10.50"
Sides: 24
Binding: Staple
Paper: 80 lb. Text paper Satin
Cover Paper: 100 lb. Satin
Color: B&W
Retail: $7

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Note: select with or without inscription to receive your favorite character doodled on the inside cover.

*If you'd like to avoid shipping, you might be able to buy my comic at your local store. You can also find it at Silversprocket and Strangers Fanzine! *